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When it comes to home renovation, doors often play a pivotal role in shaping the aesthetic and functionality of your space. Whether you’re moving into a new house or simply looking to refresh your existing one, updating your doors can be a transformative project that doesn’t have to strain your budget. Choosing the right door installation contractor that is within your budget can make or break your front door aesthetic. 

In this blog, we will explore budget-friendly front door ideas for homeowners.

Budget-Friendly Front Door Renovation Ideas 

Repaint Your Doors

Painting is one of the simplest and most affordable methods of changing the appearance of your doors. It gives you the opportunity to update the appearance without having to buy new doors. There are different variants of paint like latex, oil-based paint, or chalk paint, and all these have different finishes and qualities. 

Preparing the door properly is crucial for a smooth, lasting finish. You begin by washing the surface and using fine abrasive paper to sand it before applying an appropriate primer. Ensure you use good quality brushes when applying the paint, and make sure that you wait long enough for it to dry between the two coats. 

Add Decorative Molding

Decorative molding is affordable to install around your doors and instantly gives your home an elegant and unique look. Regardless of the door’s complexity, which may range from smooth edges to complicated patterns, the molding can help add value to the doors at a cheap price. 

Wood, MDF or polyurethane materials, for example, come in various styles and cost less than molded plastics. Once installed, it can be painted or stained to the preferred color that may correspond or contrast with the current interior design.

Use Wallpaper or Contact Paper

Applying wallpaper or elaborate contact paper on doors is one of the most effective yet cheap ways of decorating your home. It will enable you to change the patterns, texture & color of doors on a trial basis without having to paint them or change them. Wallpaper and contact paper allow for every variation from the strong contemporary to the easy, traditional look with no difference in quality.

The application process is straightforward: This can be followed by proper cleaning of the door surface to allow for adherence of the material properly. Cut and trim the wallpaper or contact paper to match the door size, ensuring that it is slightly wider than the door in all its dimensions.

Install Glass Panels

Using glass panels in the doors is one of the best ways to add light and space to your home while sticking to the budget. Concerning the material used and the door style that we have chosen, it is possible to turn a heavy entrance door into a piece of artwork that would continue the line of glazing, let in natural light into the home, and visually expand the actual square feet of the premises. 

Choices may include clear and foggy glasses, stained or frosted glasses and that which allows etching to be made on them and all have different appearances and degrees of privacy included.

Change the Accessories

Changing the accessories of your doors is a great way to refresh the look without having to replace the doors themselves. Begin by stripping off worn-out items like knobs, handles, hinges, and locks, among others and put on new ones in harmony with the opted style and efficiency. 

Select a finish that will be suitable for the home, be it the modern metal handles or a classy vintage look. This small change can radically transform your doors, making them appear more contemporary. Home door installation with trims, like kick plates, or door stops in order to complement the general appearance, as well as the utility of the doors.

Add Metallic Elements

Adding metallic components to your door replacement adds a touch of class and style to your home without breaking the bank. There are choices like metallic colors, which could be used in the application of paint on the door frames, or some highlights on the main bulk of the door. 

Metallic elements are an affordable option that can be adopted. Instead of stainless steel screws, door handles and hinges, they can be changed to metallic finishes such as brushed nickel, brass. These subtle shifts have an impact by enhancing the façade of the doors and can be a vibrant point of attraction in the living areas. Also, the use of metals gives a shimmering appearance to the room and may be associated with the feeling of more spaciousness.

Highlight its Antiquity

Retaining the antiquest look of your doors may well be an appealing option and can introduce character into your new build at minimal cost. Rather than camouflaging the wear and tear, decorate the door to acclaim its age, suggesting it was built centuries ago. It is advisable to begin by washing the door lightly and then applying some polish to it to clean it while keeping the door’s natural color intact.

If the door has a very grainy texture then you should try taking some of the roughness off with a wood conditioner, or by lightly sanding the door. You can also use a wood stain that enables the natural grain of the wood to come out more and gives the wood a deeper hue.


Budgeted door remodeling is not a complex task. These creative and inexpensive techniques can help you revamp your home and upgrade its aesthetic appeal with relative ease. It mentions repainting, adding more decorative molding, putting in glass panels and even using wallpaper or contact paper to add an individualistic taste to one’s home. If you want to go contemporary or retro, or something in-between, these low-cost improvements offer the opportunity to bring your visions to life, even for a small outlay.

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